Welcome to my blog - I am very new to blogging - I've looked a plenty, I love looking at everyones blogs - so here goes I am going to start my own one!

Some of you may know me as Butterbee on Uk Scrappers. You will find me on the Lurvlie morning thread, 365 Challenge thread and Shimelle's scrap your day thread.

So be patient with me and lets see how I go!

Love and Hugs
Sarah xxxx


knitkath said…
Welcome to the world of blogging, hope to see lots more of your lovely work!
Sarah a brilliant start, maybe you will motivate me to have a go?
love the slide show
Minty Magic said…
Sarah it is wonderful to see you start your blog. Now we can see a bit of you everyday
Eralc said…
Hello Hun :)

Your blog looks great Very professional

Bookmarking it now!


Bubbleblitt said…
fab new Blog sarah-it looks good already! Beverley x

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