The summer is back! We have blue skies and sunshine :o)

Prompt 217 - 365 Challenge
“No person ever ended his eyesight by
looking on the bright side.”
—Zig Ziglar (b. 1926), author, motivational

I think sometimes all of us need to look at life as Sam does. He has good days and bad, but he always looks for the best in life. Sam's LSA at school always said that Sam can be so positive in a situation (he will Say 'well done' if he has completed a task) and is an example to us all. Another word used to describe Sam is 'a character' - a visitor to the school said "Sam certainly adds a colour to the rainbow of the school"
I feel through his eyes he always tries to look on the bright side of life, he sometimes finds it hard and with those beautiful eyes he does it so well!


Shirley said…
Your journalling is really touching Sarah and your photo Sam is brilliant.
knitkath said…
What beautiful eyes, and great journalling!
Beejay said…
What a lovely photo Sarah and great that Sam can have such a positive outlook on life.
Minty Magic said…
He sounds a very special boy and looks a right little cutie
Lovely journalling and having taught autistic children they have a wonderful way of looking at life, a pity we don't too.
Lovely photo:)
Eralc said…
lovely photo of the little fella Sarah
denny said…
Gorgeous photo hun... and definitely a good way to look at life!! x

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