This is me!

This is me! - well its not really - it Sam!
This book was inspired by Ali Edwards from her book Sharing Your Story. Its a fab book and I have almost 100% scraplifted her idea of a book she did for her son.
Ali's book is 5 x 8 where as mine is A4 and I have lamininated every page so they are easy to clean and will not get grubby - especially as Sam looks at this book everyday - he loves it!
The main reason I have made this book is for St Anthony's School - Sam's new school he starts in September. It is a tool for Sam's new teachers and assistants, I have made it as an introduction to Sam - his likes, dislikes, obsessions etc. This will hopefully help them with Sam's first few months at his new school in September.

Sam took his 'This is me' book with him when he had his morning at St Anthony's school last week - and I am pleased to say it was a huge success with his new teachers.

The album has approx 25 pages and the good thing is pages can be added and removed. Also a friend of mine ame up with a good idea - if I need to add pages I can make them a different colour so this will alert the school to look in his book.
The good thing about this book is it is a wonderful memory of what Sam is like at age 8 - and I am sure we will look back at it one day with smiles of what his little obsessions were (even thought they drive us up the wall at the moment!). I would like to thank Ali for this fantastic idea, thanks to her wonderful book for Simon - Sam has one too and I know this will help so much with his early days at his new school.
Love Sarah xx


Anonymous said…
Sarah - I am so glad this worked for you. It is one of my favorites :).
Mary B said…
What a superb idea and such a lovely keepsake for you and a help for his new teachers
Steph said…
that's lovely - great idea and looks stunning - will have to go dig out my AE books!
FABULOUS! A great social story and it will work!

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