Back to School - Part 1!!

Its that time of year again - Back to School!!
This year we have new schools - Jack started today at Secondary school - the same secondary school that both Pete and I went to!!

Looking all smart - always has to have a photo by the front door on the first day of term!

Cool Dude with his sunglasses!

Walking in to school - very cool, very relaxed - I had no problems at all!

Today I took him in and on Monday he'll catch the bus and has to be at the bus stop for 7.30am!!!........for those of you who know Jack, you know he really doesn't do mornings!!
Monday - Sam start's his new school - so watch this space!
Love Sarah xxx


Clare said…
He really doesn't look old enough!!!!

Mary B said…
A very smart young man well done Jack
I am so pleased with such a great start today, he looks so grown up!

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