Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!! No crafting yet - still been so busy - but I have got tickets to see the boys!!! - I am going with a group of friends to see Take That on July 1st 2011 @ Wembly - and I can't wait!! - The last time I saw them on tour was 1995!!
Me and my boys took a trip to the local pumpkin farm!!
Jack with his huge pumpkin!

Sam and his "does it shake Mummy?" pumpkin

and if we had taken this one home we would have been still hollowing it out next halloween!!
We are not sure if we are trick or treating tonight - Sam still hasn't decided!!
More pumpkins photos to follow soon - as they are all ready and carved - so watch this space!
Love and Hugs Sarah x x x


Mini said…
Super pohotos, Srah! It's a great place isn't it?
Sue x

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