Furbabies are One!

Hello - I thought I would post a few pics of the Furbabies as I haven't posted any for a while - and especially as yesterday they were one! They have been in our lives for 9 months and it feels like they have been here forever!
This photo is of Sandi on my nice pile of ironing - 'If I lay flat she won't notice I'm here!'
 Dara in my basket of scarves near the front door - 'If I curl up in a ball she won't see me!'
 Here are the boys on their Birthday - photo taken on Sunday - in Jack's room (they can hide away from Sam up there!) - they were wrapped in Jack's fleecy blanket while he was playing on his PC, well he certainly wasn't doing any homework!!
Thanks for looking
Hugs Sarah xxx


Samantha Hauzer said…
Oh, they are soooo cute!!! I especially love that top photo, lol!
Scattychick said…
Oh my word when I first started following your blog you had only just dot them and now they are all growed up. They are beautiful and look so content in their little hidey holes :)
Mini said…
What a life! Your fur babies have grown into beautiful cats.
Sue x

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