Bijoux Belles Cupcakes

My UKS teamies are going away this weekend and I am unable to join them.  However I made sure a batch of my cupcakes went with them!
Vanilla cupcakes - with lilac icing and a purple and silver flower and lavender glitter! (Purple and sparkly being the Bijoux Belles colour!)
I buy my flowers from ebay - something I would like to learn to do myself one day!

I found it quiet difficult to get the purple to look the right colour in the photos as they look like blue flowers - but they are purple (honest!)
Hope the BB's have a fab retreat and enjoy the cupcakes!
Thanks for looking
Sarah x x x


Joan said…
They look gorgeous as always Sarah, am sure they will all enjoy them and think of you. x
Jennie Hart said…
We sure have enjoyed them so far and we are definitely missing you and your speedy scrapping :)

Thank you so much xxxxxxxxxxxx

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