Olympic Torch in Chichester

Just back from a morning in the city to see the Olympic Torch!  This was made even more special that we knew Ant, pictured below, who was one of the torch bearers!  Ant is a huge member of the community and plays a big part at PACSO (Parent And Carers Support Organisation) where Sam goes to after school clubs, Saturday morning clubs and a summer play scheme.  Without PACSO my life would be so much harder, as this is the only respite we get with Sam and his Autism.  Ant was voted by PACSO to carry the torch and it couldn't have gone so a more well deserving man!
 Despite the rain we had a lovely morning and it was all over so quickly, but thankfully I got some photos.  Here is one of me and Jack, if you are wondering where Sam is, he was at the event but with his school (Jack's school is outside the city - so they had a special inset day!)
 This is me and my friend Jackie.
 My favourite photo - I was bursting with pride for Ant and such a good photo of Jack with Ant.
Hopefully we will see Ant again soon so I can get a photo of Sam with the torch too!!
Thanks for looking
Love and Hugs
Sarah x x x


Christine said…
Great photos Sarah - looking forward to seeing them in your PL & on a LO soon :) Hope Sam enjoyed it too :D
Mini said…
Well done, Ant!
Sue x
Jennie Hart said…
Crikey Sarah, I can see what you mean about Jack needing mens clothes, he is a young man, no real trace of the boy left! What a handsome chap he is too :)

Well done to Ant and you look like you all had a good time xxx
susibee said…
What great photos Sarah. Jack looks just like you and Jen is right, a handsome young man:)

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