UKS Challenge - January Week 4

As January moves into February the WINTER blues are well and truly with us so please choose colours from this palette (you may also use white)

Use photographs with a WINTER theme; these could be Christmas, a snow scene, wrapped up warm, winter sports, etc.

Include any two of the following
W wood, wool, Washi tape, writing, weaving
I ink, inches, ivy
N numbers, notepaper
T triangles, tags, twine, thread, texture, trimming, Thickers
E eyelets, embossing, emoticon
R ribbon, rub ons, roses, rounded corners,
or any others you can think of beginning with the letters in WINTER

So, in summary, use
- colours from the blues palette and white for 10 points
- photos with a winter theme for 10 points
- embellishments beginning with any two of the letters in WINTER for 5 points
I've done Inking, Thickers and a Tag



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