Isle of Wight!

Another wonderful weekend at the Isle of Wight - we are so lucky that Pete's parents have a caravan at Bembridge, the boys love going over there and we enjoy the break. It is the perfect place for photos and I get to do some card making too!
Sam on the beach - we had a couple of sunny days and one day with rain!
Jack - who is great at posing for the camera - gotta love him!!

Pete holding Jack up by one hand!!! ( My hubby is so strong!!!!;o) )

Another Wilkins Family photo - gotta love the timer button! - I always take it here on the beach as I have the perfect rock for sitting the camera on!!!
We had a great time and Pete's parents joined us on Saturday to close up the caravan ready for the winter, so now we are all rested and recharged ready to face half term!!!!

Lots of Love Sarah xxx


Mary B said…
Lovely family photos and I love that strong man one very good, well posed and positioned
knitkath said…
Great family photos, ready to scrap! I too like the strong man pose!
Shirley said…
Great set of photos and love your big strong man one.
Very clever staging :)

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