10 Favourites - part 2!!

I loved doing my 10 favourites so much I decided to do one for the boys! I have scraplifted the whole LO again using Basic Grey but this time I used the Archaic range. So instead of butterflies on the pages we have Dinosaurs!!!
Jack's 10 favourites - in no particular order (and I asked Jack to list his 10 fav's!) - (1)PJ's and bedsocks - he would stay in them all day given half the chance! (2)My family, (3)Mummy's arm (still a huge favourite esp at bedtime!), (4) Nintendo Ds and Gameboy - needs to be surgically removed at times!! (5) Pokemon on the Ds and the TV, (6) Sky TV - Pokemon, Dinosaur King, Avatar, Galactic Football and many more! (7) Shreddies - warm milk and sugar at breakfast time, (8) The PC - goes on the internet to get cheats for the DS, You tube is also a fav! (9) Nintendi Wii and PS2, (10) Smoothie - made with milk, ice cream and a chocolate flake!
Sam's 10 favourites - again in no particular order (Selected by Mummy as Sam couldn't understand what favourites were!) - (1) Uno cards - no surprise there! (2) Skips (in a bowl!) (3) Pillow - brought downstairs every morning, (4) Chocolate buttons (5) Pokemon cards (6) Yellow bag for taking cards to school in, (7) Going to school (Sam loves school), (8) Playing Mario Karts on the Wii (9) Listening to the radio in his bedroom at night - Wave 105 is his fav radio station, (10) DVD's - likes to check the barcode, but the latest thing is to find the film company icon such as 'Universal', ' Disney', 'Touchstone' etc - Sam never watches DVD's!
A close up of the Dinosaur and rub-ons - all BG Archaic (and buttons too!) I have used Autumn Leaves swirl stamps.
Again as always thanks for looking Love Sarah xxx


Clare said…
these are gorgeous . I am sure they will love having this snapshot in time to look back on when they are older

These LO's are great Sarah, love the papers and selection of photos that you have used!!

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