Scrap Your Day!

Sorry it has taken me so long but here are my SYD pages so far! I started in July (most people started in April) so it was the first week of the school holidays. The routine photos I take every month are meals, time I get up and go to bed, view from my window, self portrait and my feet!! You may laugh but I had a friend tell me - you can always tell the weather by what sarah is wearing on her feet!! Which is either sandles/flip flops and normally straight into boots for the winter!! 25th July '08 - beautiful sunshine!(do you remember what that is??) Also the time I went to bed is 2.15am because I was working a night shift, I seem to remember I was up again 30 mins later!

25th Aug '08 - Holiday on the Isle of Wight - so the view was out of the caravan window, and the photo of my feet was me paddling in the sea!
25th Sept '08 - back to the ole routine of school run and life in general. Also today I looked after Toby and collected Oliver from school - so 2 school runs!!!

25th Oct '08 - Half Term and back at the Isle of Wight for a few days - I was also busy Xmas card making!! And notice already its October and the boots were out!!!
25 Nov '08 - and not a good day and not many photos - I do remember having car problems, so spent most of the day at the garage!
25th Dec '08 - Xmas Day - need I say more?? forgot to take a photo of xmas dinner!!! - and on my feet - Slippers :-)
25th Jan '09 - One of my fav pages as this show a typical Sunday in our house - of rest, relaxation, and being together - a comfy clothes day - including my slippers!!!
Thanks for looking and its not long until February's SYD which is a Wednesday and I'll be at work - so it could be interesting trying to take some pics!!!!
Love Sarah xxx


Fab collection of pages, so pleased you have done this and bring it along in june please? x
ally said…
fab pages, and great to see them all together.
Shirley said…
Great to see all your pages Sarah. They look brlliant altogether like this. Love the idea that your footwear is an indicater of the weather. lol.
MicheleP said…
I am in awe of your dedication Sarah - these pages are inspiring xx
Gayle said…
Hi Sarah
Gorgeous cards!
Thanks for getting sticky in The Sugar Bowl!
Sugar Mama x

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