Don't count your chickens!!!

A non-crafting entry from me today! The saying goes 'Don't count your chickens until they are hatched!' - well mine have hatched today - Today is D - day for secondary school admissions and I have just open my letter to have it confirmed that Jack is in our school of his and our choice!
As many of you know we have had a huge battle to get Sam admitted into the ASD unit (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) at St Anthony's School in Chichester (pictured below). Just before Christmas we had our letter from WSCC to confirm that there is a place in the ASD unit for Sam starting September 2009 (there are only 12 places in the ASD unit for children aged 5-11).
Thankfully the school we wanted Jack to go to was our catchment school. It has an excellent OFSTED report and has become a very popular secondary school and many children last year were turned away because it was so heavily subscribed - so it wasn't a guaranteed place! I did however write a letter to WSCC to support his case as we felt that the inclusion support team would support his ADHD needs, and we are in, I have it in black and white! The school is pictured below and would you believe this is the same secondary school that Pete and I both attended over 20 years ago!!
I am a little sad that they will be leaving our village primary school together, Jack is in his 7th year there and Sam in his 4th. It is sad Sam is no longer able to cope with mainstream primary school education, but we believe St Anthony's will be the best place for him and offer him the support and encouragement he needs. However for Sam it will work very well that both him and Jack will be going to a new school, they will both require new school uniform - ouch to the bank balance!

I would like to thank lots of friends and family for all your support you have given me throughout the school process - I feel a Layout coming on!!!
Love Sarah xxxx


Clare said…
This is absolutely fantastic news Sarah. I am so pleased for Jack and for you all.

lots of love

Traceys-Crafts said…
I am so pleased for you all.
Love n {{hugs}} Tracey
Steph said…
Brilliant News! So pleased for you and for the boys xxx
Kay said…
Oh what a blessed relief for you all, I bet you are celebrating tonight and so you should. Fab news well done.
Bagpuss said…
This is just the BEST news! So pleased for you :)
denny said…
That's a fantastic news hun!! So very pleased for you. xx
Darcy said…
oh well done sarah, that's great
Mrs Hedgehog said…
Fantastic news Sarah, I'm really pleased for all of you. Onward and Upward!! Lxx
Jane said…
Fantastic news Sarah, I am so pleased for you all. x x
Amelie said…
thats wonderful news!!
Bubbleblitt said…
fanastic news Sarah-I'm so pleased for you and the boys! Love, Beverley
Absolutely fantastic new Sarah, so pleased for all of you!
Sam said…
Am so pleased that its all worked out.


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