A New Challenge!

Happy New Year!!! Where did 2009 go? Here we are at the start of a New Year and I am starting a new challenge - Pam on UKS has started this challenge of 52 walks in 2010.
The walks can be anywhere from a walk in the countryside to a walk around your local supermarket. I thought this would be a great idea as I've done other challenges about me and my family and my routines, this challenge could be completely different! Lets hope I can keep going with it, 52 weeks is a long time!!!
My first walk of the year was down to the Quay in our local village yesterday - it was bitterly cold and the tide was up, (note to self - do this walk again at low tide!!). We went for a walk as a family, Nanny, Grandad and Daniel (my Nephew) joined us to go and feed the Swans. Here are a few of the many photos I took!

View of the harbour

Geese flying over

Another view
Thanks for looking - and watch this space for another walk!!
Love Sarah x


jo said…
Love the last one - very atmospheric.
Jane said…
Fab photos Sarah and good luck with the challenge. I look forward to seeing many more pictures. x
Julesmichelle said…
Sarah they are fab..I ,love the last one best but great to see them all.

I guess I need to start a blog or something if I am going to put them all up rather than just flickr
denny said…
Gorgeous photos Sarah!! I'm still contemplating whether to give this challenge a go! Look forward to seeing more of your great pictures. xx

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