Basic Grey Page-of-the-Month Kit 2009

My album is complete!! I have to say it is my favourite album to date - I love Basic Grey papers and I have loved this project - the pages are lovely and I have used Basic Grey papers in ways I would have never have done and the BG embellishments are lovely too. I got my kits from Katie at Cre8tive - email her and she may have some of the 2009 kits left - also there is a new BG Page of the Month kit for 2010 - so more LO's to follow soon!!
I realised when I checked my blog I had not put a BG page up since the June Kit - so I have a HUGE blog entry - with lots of photos - hope you don't get to fed up of them!!
July Page-the-month-kit - featuring June Bug Collection
Lean on Me
My Friends

August Page-of-the-month Kit - featuring Lemonade collection
A Moment in Time

07-08-09 at 10:11am - photo of me and Sam

September Page-of-the-month Kit - Featuring Indian Summer collection
Fight Tigers 4 You
Photo's of me and Jack in 1998 and on his 11th Birthday 23rd July 2009

October Page-of-the-month Kit - Featuring Eerie Paper Collection
You-niquely Me

November Page-of-the-month kit - featuring Nook and Pantry Collection

Photo's take at the Isle of Wight

December Page-of-the-month Kit featuring Eskimo Kisses Collection
Photo's taken on the Isle of Wight in the Summer

Bonus Pages Page-of-the-month kit - featuring Lemonade Paper Collection
All About Me

Photo's of me, my sister and my Mum, and a family photo - taken at a family photo shoot in March.

Sorry its a long post - hope you like the pages
Thanks always for looking - Please leave a comment
Love and Hugs Sarah xxxx


Jane said…
Fab work there Sarah, these layouts are stunning - cant wait to see the album again now its finished!. x x
Julesmichelle said…
Sarah these LOs are simply gorgeous. I think I want the kits now I have seen this - I keep convincing myself I do not want them but I do really!!!
Anonymous said…
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MicheleP said…
these are fabulous Sarah. Looking forward to seeing the 2010 series xx
Rebekah said…
There's loads of work in these! I love them all, so mnay of the little details and fabulous coordination. The only downside was the inclusion of pictures of me lol! kidding! hugs xx

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