Walks in 2010

3 simple LO's to go in my Walks album - it was supposed to be a walk a week - but I've not managed that - however I do have a few pics stored on my PC to print off - these photos were back from Feb and March!
Gunwharf Quay


Hopefully I'll add some more walks soon!!
Love and Hugs
Sarah xx


MicheleP said…
these are fab Sarah - love the Homebase one lol. Well done - scrapper extrordinaire!!!
Julesmichelle said…
Well done Sarah. I have not managed to keep up with the walk a week..so I changed the rules for myself to 52 walks in 2010 and are so far behind ont hat as well...I really must get out with the camera more.
Jane said…
Fab LO's Sarah, I love the way you have used loads of pics on each one. :) x x

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