I've not take a photo of my beads for a while - and seeing as I was a very lucky girl at Christmas, I thought I would post my lastest additions!! I have been collecting Troll beads since 2005 - I have a huge selection of colours and now my collection has grown so much I now have 4 bracelets - which are colour co-ordinated!! I have a blue one, pink one and a green one. the new one is the black and white bracelet. I had a couple of black and white beads but thanks to Jack and Daddy I had a few more for Christmas!!

These are my four bracelets!
My new beads!! From left to right - White Bubbles, Buttons, Black Spot, Nanna's bead, Petite Love Link white sparkle, and Chamilla Silver puzzle. Pete and Jack choose the glass beads, I choose the buttons and the puzzle bead. Buttons -as I love to use them in crafting and the puzzle for Autism. The sparkly bead was because I do love a bit of bling!!!
As for Nanna's Bead - My Nan died in December 2000 - I was pregnant with Sam when she died. I was also told when she died I would have her wedding ring. I didn't get it until my Grandad died in 2008 and it has been sitting in my jewelery box ever since. It was too big for me to wear, so I decided to have a bead made for my bracelet as then I would wear it every day! I went to our local jeweler and they came up with 9 designs and I showed my Dad - and made him choose as it was his Mum and below is my bead!
It is the only gold bead I have on my bracelet and I have to say its my favourite!! I always wear 2 bracelets at once and its going to always be my black and white bracelet with one of the coloured ones!
These two photos were taken when the sun was shining - so I thought I would add them too!
Thank you for looking!
Hugs Sarah x x x x


Clare said…
Fabulous! I love your gold bead, I am sure that your Nan would too hun

Heather said…
lovely bead collection & what a great way to ensure your Nans ring will always be worn xx
Jane said…
Wow, your beads look fabulous Sarah, I love them all.

Your Nans one is gorgeous and will shine the brightest.

X x
2Angels said…
Totally yummy, I keep saying I should start one of these and yours are really tempting me again! Your Nan's bead is beatiful, what a lovely way to keep it with you :)

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