WOYWW - Jan 26th

Evening everyone!! This is what is on my workdesk right now!

I've had a very busy day at work, I have a muzzy head and back ache - its been a long week and its only Wednesday! Still a day off tomorrow (before I go into work at 5pm) and I am have my haircut and I can't wait!

As for my desk - its all Stampin Up stash - I really should take a photo of the floor too! On Saturday I have my first training and there will be over 30 of us attending - this means 30 swaps to make, so this is what I have started tonight making 30 cards for Saturday. I am using one of my new stamps sets called Bliss.
The cup is empty (was tea) but I am now off to bed, the Nigella cookbook is there to remind me to update my online grocery shop with Tescos which is due for delivery tomorrow morning - so I better quickly do that now!
Thanks for stopping by!
Hugs Sarah xxx


Samantha Hauzer said…
Your desk is a lot neater than mine!! And wow, 30 swaps to make. That is a lot!
Good luck getting all those swaps gone.

Great desk.

Sam # 26
What a well organized work space. Guess you'll have those swaps taken care of in the shake of a lamb's tail!
Vicki 108 - a little inkling
Andria said…
Thats looking like a very creative workspace :).
Andria (128)
okienurse said…
love your stampin up stash. I use it a lot! :) I love the Bliss set and I am making some valentines with it! Love your blog site. Have you seen the stamps for Twilight? Bought a set of each a while back. Thanks for sharing.
Vickie #59
MaggieC said…
You have to be so organised if you are to get 30 done by Saturday. A nightmare, that would be. Hope we get to see a finished article. That flourish stamp looks good.
Shirley Pumpkin said…
It looks nice and neat to me.. wow. good luck getting all your cards done.

Shirley #151
Marjo said…
Good luck with 30 cards, great creative workdesk.

Thanks for the peek and sharing. Hugs, Marjo #7
Julia Dunnit said…
Gosh, hope the muzzy head and backache cleared and that you've had a fab training day today. I relish the idea of your floor photo!

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