Friday, 22 April 2011

Sandi and Dara are home!

My gorgeous furbabies are home!

Below is Sandi (Burmese meaning of Moon)

and this is Dara (Burmese meaning of Stars)
Happy, fed and beating each other up - fitting in my house a treat!

and ever so cute!!!!!

Layouts to follow soon!

Love Sarah x x x


Tracy said...

Awww, so sweet!

Jane said...

Sarah they are gorgeous, cant wait to see the layouts :)

Jane x x

Maria said...

Oh Sarah they are lovely, and yes, begging to be scrapped, I reckon they will need their own album. Don't they have big eyes?

pinksparklyscraps said...

So cute, Sarah, love that pic of Sandi looking right into the camera :)

susibee said...

They are very cute:)

Mini said...

Soooo gorgeous! Looking forward to meeting them. :o)
Sue x

Scribble Monster said...

Beautiful kittens Sarah!

Julesmichelle said...

They are so gorgeous Sarah! can't wait to see the LOs