Sam's Garden

Yesterday I spent most of the day in the garden planting up pots and a hanging basket. Our back garden is small and is all patio - so everything is in pots or baskets, however it is very safe and secure for Sam. As many of my blog readers know - Sam is Autistic and has no sense of fear or danger - so at age 10 he cannot go and play outside the front of the house, and ride a bike like other children do of his age. So the safest place for him is the back garden - couple of years ago Pete built him a water trough - he loved playing with water, last year at Sam's request we turned it into a pond and put some fish in it - we have 8 goldfish which Sam chose last year.

Around Sam's pond is pots of flowers and in the flowers are spinning wind catchers, windmills, wind chimes and many more little sparkly things that catch the sunlight. Sam loves things that spin, he will sit in the garden for hours on the swing seat watching them and listening to the wind chimes. As soon as the pots are filled with flowers a burst of colour appears in our garden with all the colourful wind chimes and spinners - it becomes Sam's garden. The pink flower - is a solar light and the centre lights up in the evening, the lanterns light up in the evening with candlelight, along with the solar lights so when Sam goes to bed we can enjoy the garden in peace and quiet!

I can't take the credit for these two baskets - I give my local nursery two empty baskets in March and I get them back looking beautiful in June!

However this one by my front door is mine - it will look lovely when in full bloom.

and this one is by the front door too

Thanks for looking

Sarah x x x x


Mini said…
How beautiful! The photos are fab.
Sue x
Heather said…
lovely photos Sarah :) I love all the chimes & swirly things in Sams garden xx
Rebekah said…
Fab photos hugs moi xx
susibee said…
Your garden is lovely, I'm not surprised Sam loves it.
Laura said…
Lucky Sam! :)

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