WOYWW - Sept 14th WO

Nothing too exciting on my desk - I have just finished a card to go with some LO's I have completed for the October kit from CCW - so I cannot show you my work yet!
I am having to share my desk tonight with my son Jack - he is doing his English homework, if he doesn't complete two paragraphs, he will get an after school detention. English is not Jack's favourite subject - to be honest it is like pulling teeth!
Here is a little sneek peek of my card I have completed!
As for the furbabies - they are now out and about on their adventures - but 8pm is supper time and they are in for the evening so here is a photo of them eating their supper!
Above is Dara and below is Sandi.
Thanks for taking the time to have a look and don't forget to join us all on Julia's blog for WOYWW!!
Hugs Sarah x x x x


Claire said…
i popped over from julia's... your little furbabies are cute.... and hope the homework got finished...
Lunch Lady Jan said…
Poor Jack, homework under duress is not good! Still, better that than detention :) xx
Helen said…
Hope Jack gets good marks for his homework and you get your desk back, lol!
Julia Dunnit said…
Like the cameo on the card, very posh. Homework..you just wanna shout 'just do it'..it would take moments..but no, can't do that!!

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