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In 2011 Becky Higgins Project life was avaliable to buy in the UK via Amazon - I quickly jumped on the band wagon and got my PL folder and started to collect 'stuff'.......and there it sat for the next few months - unfortunatly life just got in the way at times and I just didn't get round to starting it!  I am not doing a week at a time or a month.......some months have more photos than others.  It is just a random collection of photos and journalling.  I have used a mixture of Becky Higgins journalling cards and Simple Stories collections.  Here are a selection of my pages.

April - Kittens, Royal Wedding and a Birthday!
 May - More kittens, cake making and a day at the farm.
 June - photos from the Isle of Wight
 July - more photos which include School Fair, Goodwood Fireworks and Take That! Also you can see I have added a 8 x 8 page.
 More July photos - Festival of Speed, Wedding Anniversary, School Prizegiving ( an additonal 6 x 12 page) and a Birthday!
 More July photos - A new niece, a new car and I joined Slimming World
 July again - cake, nicely pedicured nails (love them!), and Ladies Day at Goodwood races.
 August - Garden, family BBQ and more SW certificates (I scanned them in the PC and reprinted them the correct size)
 August - Fontwell Ladies Day and the Isle of Wight
 More August - showing the 6 x 12 page and more IOW photos
 September - Back to school and another inserted page 6 x 12 - which hold 3 additonal 6 x 4 photos
 Sept - with the 6 x 12 flipped over to show a family wedding we went to.
 More September - more wedding photos and SW certificates and journalling about my weight loss.
The rest of the album is finished - I just need to add the journalling.  So will show you those pages when they are finished and then I will carry on filling the album with 2012 photos!
Thanks for looking and I love reading your comments
Love and Hugs
Sarah x x x


MicheleP said…
wonderful book Sarah. I love how you manage to keep up with it all xx
susibee said…
It's looking fab Sarah. I ordered my stuff back in April and am still waiting for it:(
Jennie Hart said…
Looks absolutely brilliant Sarah, well done on getting it done, it feels great when it's done and you can flip through doesn't it :) xxx
Sam said…
These are great Sarah, I've been worrying about having to do to much "creating" with PL, but I love how simple you've kept it. Am def going to try and give it a go this year. Thanks for the inspiration.
Sam xxxxx

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