365 Day Challenge Retreat!

Thanks to this lovely lady who started a challenge on 1st January 2008 I met some really lovely ladies this weekend. Anna Louise Bowkiss started a free challenge here giving us a daily prompt for a photo and then from the week we did a weekly LO, some of which are already on my blog.

It was decided for a group of us to meet up in Oxford. I was excited about meeting everyone, nervous about meeting everyone and the drive to Oxford, but thanks to a trusty tom tom and a quick phone call to Shirley I found them no problem!Me and Steph
Shirley Me and Sal
I had a wonderful weekend, made lots of new friends, and laughed lots! I was inspired by Anna's class, everyones albums, Layouts and mini albums - I am so glad I went! I am hoping to go back to Oxford in February to meet up with them again! I would like to thanks Anna for being a fab roommate and Kay and Sal for all their hard work organising it all for us!

The 365 girls!

Until next year!!!


Shirley said…
I had a brilliant time too Sarah, it was great to meet up with you all and looking forward to catching up with you again in February.

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