Fabric CJ

My most recent addition to the Fabric CJ I have joined on UKS
I have used a pocket from an old pair of jeans that used to belong to Sam (therefore small pockets:)) - I have sewn the pocket to the page and I added the beads and the flower embellishment. Inside the pocket is a little blue bird that I made.
The blue bird is cut of of some blue cotton (I traced around an acetate bird shape I had) I have sewn round using red cotton and filled the bird with quilt wadding, red buttons for eyes and the bird is attached to the pocket with some red ribbon.
I really enjoyed doing this months entry - I hope the recipient likes it too!
Thanks as always for looking Love Sarah xxx


Sarah said…
oh that is fab!!! love the cute birdie, and the way he peeks out of the little pocket :)
Clare said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Clare said…
THis is lovely hun you are very clever. I couldn't do this for the life of me


ps removed the previous post due to heinous spelling error!!
MicheleP said…
beautiful lo and cj entry Sarah. I love the birdie :)
Steph said…
Look at you! That is sooo cool

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