Some photo's from the IOW

I thought I would share with you a selection of my fav photo's from the 100's taken when we went to the IOW - we did manage to get out in between the rain showers!!

All of the beach photos were taken at approx between 5-7pm -because (1) it wasn't raining then and (2) this is a perfect time of day for the lighting to take fab pictures at the beach! I have to say the beach is my fav place for taking photos - I have take some of my best photos of the boys at the beach!

and its a perfect time of day to take shadow photos!!

My fav pic of the week!

another fav!

Thanks for looking and I am sure most of these photos will appear on LO's soon
Love and Hugs
Sarah xxx


Mini said…
These are just gorgeous. Sam is soooo photogenic.
Sue x
Julesmichelle said…
Sarah these are fab photos - the lighting is great and your boys are wonderful subjects. x
susibee said…
Super pics, I assume you don't use a point and squirt camera?!!!
Jane said…
Fantastic pictures Sarah, looking forward to seeing them on layouts! x x

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