Pumpkin Carving

I won't bore you with too much chatter - but plenty of photo's of our time carving pumpkins - which has now become a yearly tradition.
Sam and his pumpkin
Jack with his rather large pumpkin!
The work was so detailed - Daddy had to get the power tools out!!
My little sweet heart pumpkin!
Sam's finished pumpkin!
and Jack's which had 3 seperate sides to it!!
Come back tomorrow lunchtime for Halloween photos and photos of the pumpkins when they were lit!
Thanks for stopping by
Hugs Sarah x x x


MicheleP said…
wonderful pumpkins. Will look forward to the layouts xx
2Angels said…
What fab pumpkins! :) We usually always do them but just didn't get around to it this year.
Jane said…
Fab pics and pumpkins Sarah, looks like a whole load of family fun :) x x

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