10 Things on the Tenth of the Month

Shimelle has started a blogging of ten things on the tenth! It can be 10 photos, 10 crafty ideas, 10 recipes, 10 things in a collection - anything as long as its 10 things on the 10th!

Lists - I am always writing lists, shopping lists, things to do lists, it never ends! I've not been feeling myself recently so I thought maybe today I would have a list of 10 things to do - maybe not complete everything on the list but at least start everything and I am going to make sure to put some 'nice' things on my list too!
1. Sort out the stash on the floor - I was suppose to start this on Wednesday but it was left - and as you can see by the above photo its spreading again!

2. Have a soak in a hot bath

3. Get a load of washing in the machine

4. Go in to Sam's bedroom and sort his book case and Lego

5. Make homemade Pizza for tea

6. Get in the garden (however as I type this it is raining -but according to the weather forecast we have sunshine this afternoon!) It's looking so bare and depressing and I've normally got all my pots planted by now - I've not got many flowers to pot up - but I do have tomatoes and sunflowers that can go in pots!

7. Load the dishwasher!

8. Phone Dyson about my broken machine!

9. Drink lots of water today.

10. Have cuddles with my furbabies today (this is most certainly going to happen) and I will give my boys hugs when then come home from school as I shouted at both of them this morning to get ready - but then that happens most mornings!!
Thanks for looking and sharing your 10 things on the 10th - I look forward to blog hopping and taking a look!

Hugs Sarah x x x


Tracy said…
You are not alone, I shout every morning! I hope you get some of the things done, especially the nice hot bath!
Sheena said…
Hope you get through your list & have a long soak in the bath to unwind x
Sheena x
Ruth said…
Sounds like the kind of list I make on a regular basis!
Connie said…
great post~I could make lists like this all day long!
Rebekah said…
I love lists too. Love photography too, so like you, it was fun to combine two fun things for this awesome blog project!
Sherry C said…
I love to make lists and more importantly, check them off! Fun pics!
furrypig said…
good list with household everyday tasks and fun things too.... loving your furbabies!
Anonymous said…
Good list because you put fun stuff too! Your kitties are so cute all snuggles together!

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