WOYWW - June 29th

Hello, sorry for the delay but I have been having terrible problems with blogger and I understand there are problems with blogger and internet explorer -so I am here trying to update my blog using Google Chrome - and here is my desk!! Not much working going on but there are plenty of projects in progress!! It has been so warm here - in the UK we go from one extreme to the other - one minute it is cold and raining and then we go straight into a heatwave - working in a un-airconditioned hospital lab has been exhausting - so I have come home and almost gone straight to bed, so no crafting!
However the lovely weather outside has allowed my boys to go out for the first time and really enjoy the adventure

Thanks for taking the time to look - and don't forget to pop over to Julia's blog and take a look at everyone's WOYWW
Hugs Sarah x x x


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