Have I said recently how much I love my iPad???  It has to be one of the best Birthday pressies and I am certainly using it lots!! Yesterday from amazon not one but two cases for it arrived!!
I wanted a hard leather PU case - I went for this bright red one so I can stand the iPad up when I want to watch anything on (currently lots of the Olympics!!)
I have been downloading some apps but I know I am only at the tip of the iceberg...there are so more out there - so any you recommend let me know!! My fav at the moment is the Olympics iPlayer app and the Sky go app - love them!  I have linked my itunes and my Kindle app has been linked too so I have books on both, and of course the Facebook and ebay apps were one of the first!!
Knowing how things get easily damaged in my house I decided to get a Neoprene case too...and I just HAD to have this one didn't I???!!!
I also downloaded the Instagram app and took these photos of my boys in the garden! How gorgeous are these furbabies now - this is Dara, the more adventurous of the two (this will get him into trouble one day!), he is also the greedy one and very noisy...quiet vocal at times!!
 and Sandi - my quieter boy, not normally far from home, and a very sensitive sole...sometimes a little nervous and very sensitive to smells - he hates it when I paint my nails!!
Thanks for looking and come back tomorrow - there will be a LO where it is more about the words than the photo!
Love and Hugs Sarah x x x


susibee said…
I'm not a cat person but yours do take a lovely photo.

Fab cupcake cake for the iPad:D
Jennie Hart said…
Love the cupcake covers!! xx
Mini said…
Oooh that red cover is lush! And the cupcake one is so you!
Sue x

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