The day my little sis came to visit!

My sister and her lovely family live in Chester - so we don't get to see each other very often, actually the last time we saw each other was 2 years ago back in 2009!
The motley crew!! From Left to right - Amelia, Caleb, Jack, Hiolette and Sam
Rebekah and David
Sam (age 9)

Jack (age 12)
Hiolette (age 8)
Caleb (age 3)
Amelia (age 10)
Hiolette and Amelia
Mum and Rebekah
Caleb and Jack
Just how yummy is this little man!!!
I'm sure there will be lots of LO's to follow - and not one photo of me!!! (however I think Caleb took one!!) Love and Hugs Sarah x x x


Julesmichelle said…
What a lovely group of children. Little Caleb looks scrummy. Sam looks like he has got taller..he looks all legs int he group piccie and Jack is just soooo cool!!

Glad you had a good day Sarah xx
Jane said…
Fab pics Sarah and what a beautiful group of children, looking foward to seeing all the layouts. Like Jules I think Sam looks like he has grown.
susibee said…
Lovely photos Sarah.
Lovely kids and lovely photos of them!
Mini said…
How alike are you and Rebekah!? Fab photos - looking forward to seeing the LOs!
Sue x
Rebekah said…
Tee hee must break out the photos Caleb took of everyone! these are fab from the Meadow! hugs Me xx

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