Wednesday, 9 February 2011

WOYWW - Feb 9th

Its a tip!!!
I am so busy at the moment with work and 'stuff'' - I didn't plan on crafting tonight, was going to tidy up but then did 2 more pages for my JYC! I will get my desk sorted by next week as I have my sister visiting and she'll want to have a good nosey!! Can you see on the end of my table, sun lotion and tablets - all ready for my baby (who is 12!!!) as he is off skiing on Friday with the school (see post below for pictures). Empty cup - just finshed a lovely cup of tea, and there is still SU stuff everywhere as I have my first 'proper' SU workshop on Friday and I'm still not organised for it!!
Thanks for visiting and I promise a tidy desk next week!!!
hugs Sarah x x x x


RosC said...

Stay busy. Best way to be, and those boys are great. Mischief in the eyes?

Julia Dunnit said...

YOur desk looks great - and don't worry about Friday - a deadline is soon enough!! Like the look of the kits at back, scrummy.

Nicky said...

Love your desk you still have room to craft thats all that matters ~ Nicky no. 9

okienurse said...

Very busy space. I quit worrying about deadlines once I realized I was stressing myself too much cause I always seem to meet them. Have a good weekend.

Kathy said...

noooo not a tip - just a work in progress - and an interesting one at that

Starla said...

I thought a tidy desk meant that nothing was in the works!! Messy=creativity in progress!
Star 102