Taken too soon :-(

A very sad end to my day - My poor furbaby has been unwell for a couple of days and I had to take him to the vet this evening - and it turns out he had quiet a nasty tumour on his Kidney ( I did feel this yesterday) - he went in to Kidney failure - and went down hill very fast and was in a great deal of pain. So I had to make the sad decision to let him go - he was only 6 years old.
These are the final two photos I took of him just a few weeks ago - the one above asleep on my bed and the one below warming his cold feet on the radiator. I still can't believe how quickly he became so ill and how short his life was - he was a real 'Mummy's Boy' and was my surprise Christmas present from Pete 6 years ago. I am so upset and I will miss him so very much.
Goodbye my little furry friend - I will miss you very much, your life was too short.
Hugs and kitty kisses
Mummy x x x


Rebekah said…
Bye bye whiskers you will be missed and loved always! Hugs to you all sorry to hear such sad news love me xxxxx
Mini said…
I'm so sorry, Sarah. Love and hugs,
Sue x
Sorry to read your bad news Sarah
Jane said…
I am so sorry Sarah....our furbabes are such a huge part of our families. X x

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