My baby is going Skiing!!

He certainly looks the part! We had a trial run today (after I had labelled everything!) of all the kit he has to wear and the layers he needs to keep warm! On Friday Jack is off to Austria to go Skiing with the school, he can't wait - me I can't wait until the following Saturday when he is home!
I thought I better take the opportunity to take a couple of photos - he is taking the camera with him - but will he think to ask someone to take photo of him remains to be seen - I do hope so!
We've checked the webcam (oh the joys of the internet) and the snow looks fab in Austria - wish I was going with him (I went skiing with the school at the same age - will save that photo for another time!!) - however I don't envy the 18 hr coach journey they have - those teachers must be saints!!!!

Thanks for looking
Hugs Sarah x x x x


Mini said…
Awww how grown up he looks! Bless him. Have a lovely time, Jack. And yes ... we are saints!
Sue x
susibee said…
Lovely photos. I hope he has a fab time.
Clare said…
Sending Jack lots of "have a great time vibes"

Looking good!

Veronica said…
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Veronica said…
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Veronica said…
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fazzshell said…
I hope my Godson has a lovely time...Can't believe he's going away without you want to borrow one of mine for the week!?!
Rebekah said…
Hope he has a good one and gets home safe and sound too Hugs Aunty becca xx

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