I would like to thank Sue for giving me this award
I now have to tell you 8 facts about myself, and pass this award on to 8 people
Facts about me:
1. I am a huge Twilight fan - can you guess from my blog, I have watched the movies and read the books lots and I have all 4 audio books on my iPod!!
2. For the first time in nearly 20 years I have a home without a cat and I don't like it one little bit! :-(
3. I would love to craft full time - I no longer enjoy my job in the NHS and would love to leave - but hey the Mortgage needs to be paid!
4. I never used to eat Olives - until recently and I now really enjoy them!!
5. I am a Stampin Up demonstrator ( I have been for 4 months now!) - and I really enjoy this!
6. I am a member of the BB's on UK scrappers and I am currently on the DT for CCW - I have applied for 2 more DT's - so watch this space!
7. I am a big sister - my little sister lives too far from me and I wish she lived closer - she is super talented - her cards are amazing - me I think I'll stick to scrapbooking!!
8. In July I celebrate my 18th wedding anniversary!
I would like to award the award to:
3. Jo
6. Jane
I could have choose so many more!!!!!


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