Whats On Your Workdesk? Wednesday #432

Back to the old routine - back to school, back to work, and normal service resumes!
This is my desk right now as I have just walked it from work - the weather has certainly changed - we have had a night of gale winds and rain - it has continued today with heavy showers.
I'm tired - its been busy at work - I am a Biomedical Scientist at our local hospital and I work crazy hours sometimes, today I have been on my feet since 7am - this is why the shoes are off and they are beside my work bag and handbag on the floor - slippers are on my poor tired feet.
I have just unpacked a couple of deliveries, and the post - I have had my Stampin Up success magazine arrive in the post along with a Stampin Up order delivered by my lovely UPS man (I am a Stampin Up demonstrator in my spare time - ha! Spare time? I know!).  I also had an Amazon order today - a few bits as raffle prizes as I am sorting a Christmas raffle for my local scrapbooking crop to help raise some money for Jack's trip next year to Florida (He is volunteering with Caudwell Childrens Charity for Destination Dreams - and I am extremely proud of him).  The main reason for the Amazon order was the purchase of Danielle Steel's latest book - 'The Right Time'.  I have been a Danielle Steel fan for nearly 30 years - I think my Nanna introduced me to her books when I first started work as I wanted a good easy to read book when I caught the train to and from work.  I remember buying the books from a newsagent near the station.  I have all of her books - and now I buy them in hardback because normally buy them on the day of release.  They are easy to read and pure escapism - and I very rarely lend them out as I do go back and often reread them, I know my hubby hates that I keep them, but I can't part with them.
Yep soggy moggies - here they are just come in from the rain and hoping for a little snack/treat!  They are never far from me - would be lost without them.  No crafting in progress on my desk - but hopefully there might be something later on tonight - so pop by the blog over the next few days, I'm sure something will pop up!
Thanks for taking the time to stop by and look at my blog - and please join Julia on WOYWW and show what's on your desk today.  Hugs Sarah x x x


Sarah Brennan said…
Hi Sarah, hope the feet feel more comfortable in your slippers. There's nothing better than getting in from work and finding that some parcels have been delivered. Enjoy your new book! Sarah #26
Helen said…
what a busy day you've had! great parcels though ! Helen #1
Lindart said…
Awww, poor soggy kitties! When I first glanced at the photo I though they were gerbils! Sounds like you need to pour a glass of wine, sit down, put your feet up, and fall into your book! Have a great week, and thanks for sharing! Lindart #31
glitterandglue said…
Hi Sarah. trust you are now rested and able to really get into all those scrummy parcels. A good read, a hunt through the Stamping up stuff... bliss!
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #2
Hi Sarah ... I agree with Lindart - glass of wine, put your feet up and dive into your new book. I like the carousel on your desk. I've noticed a few people have them. Can I ask where you bought it? Looks very handy for tools! Have a lovely week, Heather #30
Shaz Brooks said…
HI Sarah, I can imagine how your poor feet feel after being on them that long. I used to work in retail, so I've been there. Big hugs to your beautiful kitties. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #6 XxX
Angela Radford said…
Hi Sarah, I'm amazed you managed to blog at all. When I was teaching full time I just couldn't find time for anything extra, just managing marking the homework was enough. I should have a nice sit down and a cuppa if I were you. Happy belated woyww, Angela x16x
Jane O'Sullivan said…
Putting your slippers on after work is pure bliss! What's not to love about coming home to parcels, always puts a smile on my face when it happens in my house. xx
May said…
Curl up with your new book & some chocolate after a hard days work ..your poor feet.... I was a nurse until retiring last year and my feet would burn at times after a 12 hour shift... enjoy your book I may get that one myself....it's good to escape into words at times...lots of new goodies to play with.... as for the wee wet fur faces looking for snacks they are so cute... May #15

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